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West Devon Referees’ Association

A QUEST Bronze Standard Association

2016/17 Meeting Topics

August 2016         

Richard Mason with Roger Cole presented Law Amendments with several videos relating to DOGSO

September 2016  

Jason Haywood delivered the Mandatory but interactive and enjoyable presentation  on communication, both verbal and non-verbal. He spoke about how this can be  used in a referee's game to improve their performance and relationship with players, club officials and other referees

October 2016       

Genny Turner and Darren Stewart did a presentation on expectations of officials from a club at  a fixture and also what is expected of them as a  club. They were both very open and honest and there was a lengthy and informative question and answer session where many good and interesting points were made.

November 2016   

Ross Martin delivered a presentation on the Iber cup Costa Del Sol that he attended between June 20th-26th 2016. Ross talked about his experience of refereeing abroad and how people can get involved if they so wish

January 2017      

RA FA Training Hub

Crime & Punishment

February 2017     

An Evening with Gordon Sparks and Chris Errington on Plymouth  Argyle,  refereeing  and football  in  general.They  spoke  about  experiences  and  took questions from the floor, engaging in some wide ranging and analytical debate.

March 2017        

RA FA Training Hub

Grab the Opportunity – Call it now or let is escalate, how will you play it?

April 2017

Mass Confrontation presented by Aaron Reed and Sean Rothwell.

A lively discussion relating to 3 videos.